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As I stepped out of the restaurant, a cute little delivery bike in the parking lot caught my attention. The words ‘McDelivery’ written in bold looked absolutely delightful. With the onset of winters, a home delivered McAloo tikki burger and Pizza McPuff clubbed with hot…More

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Creating the perfect burger is an art form. Starting with the selection of the ingredients to serving it on the table, there are many ways of preparing one. The patty is the most crucial component of the burger and getting it right is, therefore, of…More

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About two weeks into Battle of Spicy it’s time to take a quick view at which burger are people liking more – the old and bold McSpicy or the new and zingy Indi McSpicy. Here’s what people are saying. Mini Ribiero seems to have developed a…More

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The Battle of Spicy has begun! Have you taken part yet? If yes, then you know how high the heat is soaring. If no, here are some reasons for you to dive in right away. Two camps led by McSpicy and Indi McSpicy are up against…More

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McDonald’s is gearing up to bring a desi twist with tadka of localization this festive season. With the introduction of new Indi McSpicy range of burgers, the battle will be between Indi McSpicy versus a global McSpicy. The vanguard of this battle is led by…More