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Creating the perfect burger is an art form. Starting with the selection of the ingredients to serving it on the table, there are many ways of preparing one. The patty is the most crucial component of the burger and getting it right is, therefore, of…More

Burger Holding Hands
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You must know about food science, but do you know about the science of eating it right? Three researchers from the field of fluid mechanics, engineering and dentistry went on to discover the perfect way to hold a burger. After all, you don’t want to…More

Sunrise Hash

Did you know that McDonald’s is the only Quick Service Restaurant chain in India to offer a dedicated breakfast menu to customers? There are the iconic menu items, like the Egg McMuffin, and choices, like the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and the Egg and Cheese…More

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Paris is the only place in the world where the McDonald’s arches are white instead of golden.  Learn some more fascinating facts about McDonald’s that you may not know. 1.  French fries were not included in the original McDonald’s menu. 2.  McDonald’s used to sell pizza…More

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Groggy from his sleep Mohan woke up to a gray morning of rain. He waited and waited for the clouds to clear, without any respite. By now his stomach was grumbling. He gazed out of his fourth-floor apartment window, only to see the rain pouring…More

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Simply put – technology simplifies – and we have embraced the world of inter-connectivity and smart technology to offer customers faster and easier access to their favourite McDonald’s products. From a user friendly web ordering module that allows you select your burger, meal, dessert and…More