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McDonald’s has introduced the concept of ‘Litter Patrols’ in which its employees go around the market every day, picking up garbage left behind not only by customers from McDonald’s restaurants but also by other visitors in the area. The result is a cleaner neighbourhood. Think…More

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Spices are not only used for cooking but also for coloring and their medicinal purposes. From great flavors to great benefits, Indian cuisine boasts of an extensive spicy mix of goodness. At McDonald’s, a range of spices are used to prepare food. Sourced from Kerala,…More

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Fixed line phones have become a part of history, but they have a sense of nostalgia associated with them. Their loud rings, the race to answer a call, all are but memories now. After the fixed line phones, came the cordless phones and then eventually…More

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The next time you go to a McDonald’s in Pune, don’t forget to carry an old toy. McDonald’s (HRPL), in collaboration with Akanksha Foundation, is all set to make Children’s Day special in a unique way. From November 14th to November 30th, customers can donate…More

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Remember, how everyone eyed the last piece of fries on the plate. Or how reluctant we often are about sharing our gadgets, our clothes and even meals. And yet, children often find it easier to share. Is sharing a part of our natural mould or does…More

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Do you know what’s similar between the American Big Mac and the Indian McSpicy Paneer? Both are iconic items on the McDonald’s menu, but there is more. Food menus, the most dynamic aspect of restaurant operations at McDonald’s, are designed keeping in mind culinary preferences, cultural…More

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About two weeks into Battle of Spicy it’s time to take a quick view at which burger are people liking more – the old and bold McSpicy or the new and zingy Indi McSpicy. Here’s what people are saying. Mini Ribiero seems to have developed a…More

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Remember the kindergarten lessons about always throwing waste in a dustbin? Gradually, we were taught to keep our bedrooms, our classrooms, and even our neighborhoods tidy. As much as individual efforts are necessary, collective action as a community or a group also does wonders. And…More

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Western fast food in India is attracting a lot of interest a little over 20 years after McDonald’s opened its doors. Global brands have started testing out the QSR space, serving up new choices for customers. Amit Jatia, Vice-Chairman- Westlife Development, McDonald’s master franchise in…More

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At a very young age of 6, Rana’s father abandoned him along with his mother and sister. Rana’s mother moved in with her parents, with both the children. The doting grandparents wanted to enroll Rana and his sister in the local school nearby. But when…More

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