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McDonald's Coffee Handcrafted coffee
Coffee Tales

For our baristas, handcrafted coffee is a process that involves many steps like adjusting proportions, brewing just for the right duration, understanding the texture of the foam, creating beautiful latte art and a lot more. But what does handcrafted coffee mean to you, dear patrons?…More

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Did you know that it pays to order food via McDelivery? There are multiple ways you can save money while ordering McDonald’s food online. Read on to know how. Get up to Rs 60 cashback If you choose to pay for your online McDonald’s order…More

Amit Jatia
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With a total sales growth of 35% in the last financial quarter, McDonald’s India (West & South) is looking at massive expansion plans in near future. The sales figure has been highest in the last five years, according to the Vice Chairman of Westlife Development…More

McDonald's At Pondicherry
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The city with French architecture and serene beaches, Puducherry has charmed people for years now. The city’s spiritual core attracts numerous tourists from across the globe, and the old-fashioned, slow vibe of the place is a welcome break from the incessant rush that has grown…More

FFA World Cup
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The FIFA World Cup 2018 is off to a flyer. With the conclusion of the round of 16, we are all set for the last-eight battles! With the world’s largest fan following, the FIFA World Cup captures the imagination of people across the globe, irrespective…More

Hum Log

McDonald’s takes pride in being the best first job employer and a great place to work at. Every year, hundreds of new, young employees join the workforce. In fact, everything, from our policies to training and the work culture, have been developed keeping in mind…More

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After a month-long period of diurnal fasting, the much awaited festivities are right around the corner. Eid is finally here, and in a bid to make this already auspicious and cheerful time of the year even more special, McDonald’s has launched a very special flavour…More

McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
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A childhood treat, a little something extra that piqued the interest of young McDonald’s customers from day one, Happy Meal toys were meant to be a rage. It all started with Yolanda Fernandez de Cofiño, a Guatemalan McDonald’s operator who created a “Ronald Menu” which…More

McDonald's Fries
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So have you wondered why it’s next to impossible to replicate at home the simplicity that seems to be, McDonald’s French fries? Is there a special ingredient? What makes them so irresistibly crispy and delicious? How to get that texture? Well, here to spill all…More

McDonald's Ramzan Combo
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During the auspicious month of Ramzan, after an entire day of fast, it’s only fitting that you celebrate with an exclusive and elaborate Daawat. Which is exactly why McDonald’s has launched two delightful combos this month. Hearty Chicken Combo This is a feast fit for…More

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